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Religious Unrest Continues in Sri Lanka

An attack was launched by a Buddhist mob against a Mosque in Colombo on Saturday August 10th 2013, just one day after Muslims celebrated “Eid Ul Fitr”. At least 12 people were injured in scuffles that broke out during the siege. The reason for the attack was based on the claim that the new three-storey structure on […]

University Women’s Leadership Programme

The SFM has concluded its ‘University Women’s Leadership Programme’.


The first phase (basic training) took place in November 2012 and the training focused on basic leadership and communication skills, minority/majority relations, how to deal with stress, social responsibility, study skills, and task management skills. Participants were asked to design an initiative on how to better integrate and support Muslim students, and implement it in their respective universities.


The SFM followed up on the teams to monitor the progress of the initiative and provide support as they implemented their activity. The SFM visited the different campuses to assess the progress and provide feedback and support to the participants. In addition, participants were required to submit a reflection report to the SFM once the activity had been implemented to capture successes, challenges, and lessons learned from the participants.


The programme was developed for young female undergraduates specifically because they had expressed to the SFM their difficulties with achieving their academic goals under prevailing cultural, social and family restrictions. These restrictions lead to the students’ frustration, non-completion of higher education and fewer enrollments for further studies.


Phase II (advanced training) was completed in April 2013. This workshop lasted 6 days and focused on advanced leadership skills including public speaking, presentation skills, action planning, negotiation skills, and problem solving skills.