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Religious Unrest Continues in Sri Lanka

An attack was launched by a Buddhist mob against a Mosque in Colombo on Saturday August 10th 2013, just one day after Muslims celebrated “Eid Ul Fitr”. At least 12 people were injured in scuffles that broke out during the siege. The reason for the attack was based on the claim that the new three-storey structure on […]

Advocacy Manual Development Workshop

The SFM, with the assistance of a local expert, developed an advocacy manual that is specifically targeted to minorities in Sri Lanka and can be used by grassroots-level organizations and community development workers.


The availability of such a manual will promote more effective advocacy efforts at the grassroots level.


The manual was initially developed in English and translated into Tamil language. Twenty participants from two previous advocacy workshops came together for two days to review the manual to ensure criteria specific to Sri Lanka and the Muslim community was included. The local advocacy expert, with the assistance of one local resource person, led the group in the review and incorporated the suggestions/feedback.


The SFM will distribute them to participants from past workshops, activists and other stakeholders. In addition, the SFM plans to conduct training programmes in the future on how to utilize the manual. Future trainees will form teams and will conduct advocacy projects to field test the manual.


The manual will be available to download in English and Tamil.