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Religious Unrest Continues in Sri Lanka

An attack was launched by a Buddhist mob against a Mosque in Colombo on Saturday August 10th 2013, just one day after Muslims celebrated “Eid Ul Fitr”. At least 12 people were injured in scuffles that broke out during the siege. The reason for the attack was based on the claim that the new three-storey structure on […]

About Us

The SFM articulates the positions and aspirations of its principal stakeholders and constituency – the Muslims of Sri Lanka, and aims to work jointly with other religious and ethnic communities when there are synergies in thinking and aspirations, while influencing change through divergent thinking when opinions differ. This will enable Muslim representation and opinions to be part of decision making processes. Towards this end, the SFM works with a diverse range of Muslim political representatives as well as civil society organizations.

All these interventions are to ultimately support the SFM in its lobbying efforts with different levels of government to ensure equitable citizenship for all. The priority area for intervention by the Secretariat for Muslims would be however be to participate in policy formulation and lobby for policy change.

The Vision, Mission and Objectives of the SFM were derived through a consultative process with the organizations constituents.

Furthermore it was decided to work towards the resettlement of the IDPs and the accompanying land issues, monitor the eviction of Muslims in Colombo and the suburbs, and promote inter-community harmony and lobby for policy and Constitutional reforms, as matters of priority.

The SFM is currently conducting capacity building programmes on research methods and data gathering and analysis, as well as skills training and capacity building to advocate for Minority Rights. The SFM has established linkages with international and state actors, and is implementing programmes with support from donors.


Vision, Mission and Priorities

Vision and Mission

The vision of the Secretariat for Muslims has been defined as:”A well informed and institutionally equipped Muslim community that contributes as an equitable stakeholder to a pluralistic Sri Lanka”.

The mission of the organization is: “To evolve as a credible, effective, proactive and influential organization to support Muslim community objectives and goals”.


Objectives of the Secretariat for Muslims

  • To facilitate strong networks that can support the Muslim community to become equitable partners in the development process, through improved coordination.
  • To build the capacity of Muslim CBOs in effective research and documentation techniques in order to obtain accurate information critical to effective lobbying and advocacy.
  • To foster co-existence and inclusiveness with other communities so that they can lobby in solidarity, for change.
  • To advocate and lobby for policy change on issues affecting the Muslim community at district, provincial and national level


Priority Themes

The following programmatic themes are to be addressed by the SFM in the coming years:

a.   Internally Displaced People (IDPs), resettlement and land issues

b.   Discrimination and minority issues

c.   Intra and inter-religious harmony

d.   Safe Migration practices for Muslim women

e.   Policy reform and constitutional reform